The Mission

Little Bread Company would love to equip the homeless population with the ability and knowledge on how to bake with workshops.

The Vision

UNITY in helping and serving the community.

Making Pizza Dough

The Loaf

The Loaf is our breadwinner. If you would like to order this tantalizing loaf click here and let me know if you will be ordering this for yourself, or if you would like to donate the loaf to a homeless shelter or distribution partner.

Baked the day before pickup!!

Pots and Pans
Kneading Dough

Little About Me

Little Bread Company starts with a passion of enjoying great tasting bread. Naturally, I wanted to share this with more than just friends and family. 

We are located in Calgary, Alberta and operate locally only... for now. 

Helping the population that are experiencing homelessness is also a great passion of mine. The decision to make loaves available for purchase for donation was obvious.

I am looking to join with organizations and people with similar focus and values to reach the community around our great city.

We hope to RISE to the occasion and help who we can.

orders can be picked up on the following sunday

Rolling Dough

Contact Me

If you have any questions it would be great to hear from you. 

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